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About us

A historic family deeply connected to the land 🌱
A territory nestled between Venice and the Piave River, a wine estate belonging to a historic family strongly tied to the land, wines that represent a global excellence: Prosecco Doc. 🍇

Prosecco Belvedere is a dream that recently came true but actually has distant roots, well planted in the soil of the Venetian countryside, where the values and vision of the Dall’Acqua family have grown alongside the entrepreneurial spirit that has always characterized this family. It all started a century ago from a large family of sharecroppers who, with sacrifice and hard work, invested in various agricultural activities, leading them to success: from crops to breeding, to finally reaching the vineyards that today make up the Prosecco Belvedere wine estate, spread over 100 hectares. The history of the Dall’Acqua family intertwines with that of two historic family branches that contributed to the agricultural development of the Veneto, in what was the rapid evolution from poor land to the homeland of quality wine: the Giol and the Cecchetto. 🌳

A wealth of stories, skills, love, and respect for the land that is now carried forward by Ernesto Dall’Acqua, the young agricultural entrepreneur who courageously and ambitiously founded Prosecco Belvedere as a new reality rooted in an important past. And it is precisely on the continuity between past, present, and future that the identity of Prosecco Belvedere develops: a new producer of quality wines, where Prosecco in its three variants Brut, Extra Dry, Rosé Extra Dry becomes an expression of a territory unique in its kind, loved and experienced also by Ernest Hemingway. 🍾

Traditional skills, technological innovation 🛠️
If the family history represents the solid foundation of Prosecco Belvedere, it is innovation that is the component that allows Prosecco DOC to express itself at its best. In the countryside and especially in the cellar, modernity distinguishes the processes of grape processing and vinification. 🍷

For Prosecco Belvedere, the strong innovative component of the cellar is essential to keep pace with the times, evolve, and maintain the high quality level of the wines, in full respect of the production method that distinguishes Prosecco Doc: the Charmat method, also known as the Martinotti Method, involves secondary fermentation in autoclaves. 🍇

The formation of carbon dioxide occurs biologically, thanks to the action of selected yeasts that transform sugars into alcohol. The must ferments slowly in the autoclaves; to achieve the right balance between taste, aroma, elegance, consistency, and finesse of the perlage, the wine is kept in these containers for up to a maximum of 6 months. 🕰️

Using technology with awareness and preparation 🧠
Prosecco Belvedere carries out the winemaking process with state-of-the-art machinery, including soft presses at pressure, floaters for the cleaning of the musts that contribute to a fermentation that is as clear as possible, and tangential filters used during filtration operations. 🍇

Technology must be used with awareness and preparation and goes hand in hand with the fundamental contribution of human expertise. The work of qualified and motivated resources ensures that the innovations introduced are maximized and that Prosecco Belvedere is, in fact, a high-quality wine, made with passion and care. 🍷

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Via Armentaressa 5/B
31046 Oderzo (TV)

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Italy +39 340 3725180
Abroad +39 377 3919668
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