AZIENDA AGRICOLA PAVONE - Offer production and sale of made in Italy kioto apricots Regno Unito

MADE IN ITALY QUALITY The PAVONE farm in Apulia not only grows and markets high quality table grapes, but now also offers its special varieties of APRICOT.

Production and sale of KIOTO APRICOTS
TREE: Medium vigour, manages to maintain good branching in the lower part of the tree, for which reason, it is advisable to adopt more thicker than normal. Semi-erect bearing with entry into production fast and very good on both one-year-old branches and old wood. High production potential (30 - 35 t/ha).

FLOWERING: Medium-late characterised by self-fertility. Prevailing calibre: 3A - 2nd.

FRUIT: Oval shape, orange background colour, with red facets (blush) very conspicuous on 65-75% of the fruit. The colouring is bright and on the whole very attractive. Taste: Very good, IR = 13 °Brix.
Storage: Good, cracking tolerant variety.

CHARACTERISTICS Flesh/skin: The flesh is firm and juicy and is orange in colour. The skin is smooth and resistant to handling.

COLLECTION: the correct stage of maturity is with background colour between 7 and 8 of the CTIFL code around the first half of July.


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